Introducing: The Tannoy 402s *Giveaway!* *CLOSED*

For someone that makes a lot of music of music on YouTube, I’m not going to pretend to be some super experienced studio producer and engineer. I record on Logic Pro – usually with so many different channels it makes real producers cry, and I mix with my… iMac speakers… *gulp.*

Yes, I’m aware that it’s completely terrible and wrong, but I make YouTube videos and I wouldn’t say I’m particularly at the stage or have enough people that notice the music I upload that it just about works. I’m quite simple in my YouTube music – I have a beautiful electric guitar which I plug directly into my USB interface, and I have a pretty standard acoustic which I mic up with my Shure microphone. I love reverb, delay, and I usually leave things sounding quite raw, but I’m aware that my mixing definitely has its bad days.

Enter the Tannoy Reveal 402*.

My interview with Voicecouncil Magazine recently went live, and I have collaborated with them previously, so they quite literally saved the day when they mentioned that they would love to send me the brand new set of Tannoy monitors. I was looking around for something a little better than my iMac speakers, and was absolutely thrilled at the idea of seeing how they can improve both my YouTube videos and my mixing skills.

Lets take a closer look at the Tannoy 402s:

  • 50 Watt output
  • EQ is adjusted with a three way switch with Hi boost/neutral/Hi cut
  • Impressive sound quality for how small the speakers are
  • Affordable price range

So far, I’ve only mixed a couple of songs on them. They’re incredibly easy to set up, with an aux audio link included, so you can plug in directly from your laptop or computer and link the two speakers together.  You also have an option of connecting via XLR, and they’re incredibly powerful for the price. I’ve seen a lot of reviews complain about an electronic buzz/white noise – but personally I don’t think this is loud enough to take much notice.

As mentioned, I’m not particularly experienced with monitors. I’m still to get monitor stands as they don’t quite fit on my desk for the perfect set up, so you can find all of the specs here.

Jumping at the idea of collaborating with VoiceCouncil Magazine, I thought with the release of my new blog, it would only be right to feature a giveaway – so we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win a pair for themselves. If you’re looking for a new pair of monitors, check out how you can enter below.

Giveaway Rules

– The winner will win one pair of Tannoy 402 monitors
– Follow me on Twitter – @christinartnd
– Retweet my giveaway post which you can find here
– Fill in this survey by VoiceCouncil and tell us how music has changed your life.

You can find out a few more details and the official content rules on the VoiceCouncil website. The competition will end on the 26th January, and I will be sent the entries to select a winner which will be announced on my social media on the 28th January.

Good luck to all entries!

Christina x

This post has been sponsored by VoiceCouncil Magazine and I was gifted all items marked with an asterisk (*)

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