My top Christmas Gifts

It’s January 2nd and I can’t believe that I’m writing this, because that means that Christmas is over. I’m already panicking a little, but 2017 is here and its ready to go. I always feel a little sad when Christmas is over, beacause theres so much preparation, planning and a build up for a week or so of festivities which is over before you know it. Our Christmas tree is staring at me from the corner of the room and I dare not take it down on my last care-free day, so it’ll remain there until the weekend.

Our Christmas was a little all over the place this year. Myself and Matthew had moved into our place in September, so it was our first Christmas in our house, except I’ve always been a festive family person, so I went down to Surrey for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and most of Boxing day. I returned to the midlands on the evening of the 26th, Spent the 27th at Matthews Mums House, and we had our own Christmas Dinner on the 28th, with lots of driving back and fourth seeing family and friends in between.

Please note the damn good cooking skills for our first ever Christmas dinner!

I always said that I would use the blog to post about things that I wouldn’t normally make a video for on my channel, and I really liked the idea of doing a post on some of my favourite Christmas gifts, so queue the pretty pictures, sparkly jewellery, and some of the more practical stuff.

At first I wasn’t really sure about the whole embroidery phase, as its still quite new, but it was a little too “vintage” for my liking. But I remember looking on ASOS during my lunch break and coming across this beautiful bag, which completely stopped me.  The detailing is beautiful, and whilst it doesn’t have a longer strap which I would usually prefer, it keeps that luxurious feel. The structured tote has two open compartments and a zip compartment in the middle, and is incredibly roomy and would easily fit a laptop.

Another recent discovery includes this gorgeous Diamond Crushers lip topper from LimeCrime. My recent iridescent obsession has overtaken my life, and the metallic mermaid shade is something that I have absolutely no idea how I can style every day, but it’s something that instantly caught my eye. I’ve been wearing this lip topper over the festive period, on New Years Eve and New Years Day over a dark purple Velvetine and also a deep red. Safe to say it has met my iridescent mermaid satisfaction.

Whilst I enjoy being comfortable, spend a lot of my time not really going out out, and really can’t be bothered with makeup 99% of the time, when I want to make an effort, I want to make a real effort. Adding finishing touches like a stunning watch can tie your outfit together effortlessly. Date nights and birthdays are usually a good shout, so when I saw that Olivia Burton had released their own jewellery range, all I could think about was a beautiful bangle and watch combination. Dainty detailing and clean finishes always catch my eye, and all I can think about is the next event that I’ll be going to that I can wear a more luxurious outfit to.

My final favourite from Christmas includes these gorgeous Pandora earrings, that my poor boyfriend was genuinely worried about – which confuses me because they are the most beautiful things ever (and actually something that I picked out earlier in the year that I thought that he had completely forgotten about.)

I seem to be a walking cliche recently, falling in love with embroidery, rose gold, and iridescent tones – but maybe now that my cliches are done for the year, I’ll go back to being a bland girl with no sense of style.. Most of the reasons that I love all of these incredible gifts that I got is because I guess now that I’ve moved out, getting something that looks and makes me feel beautiful might be a rarer occurrence in the future.

What Christmas presents did you get this year? Was this Christmas a particularly special year for you?

Christina x

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